Dépister la Dysphagie / Screening for Dysphagia

Online delivery of a course on Stroke Survivors and Dysphagia.

Learning Goals of this course

This course is intended for therapist working in acute settings with a Stroke Survivor population.

By the end of this course you should be able to explain the appropriate use of a dysphagia screening tool. This means that you will learn how to:

This approximately 30-minute education session is based on Stroke Best Practice Recommendations in screening for dysphagia post stroke. The methods used to deliver the material include interactive activities, videos, a quiz and a case study.

Please note that as of this time, the course is available in French only. A translation to English is currently underway.

On behalf of the Champlain Regional Stroke Network and the Institut du savoir Montfort, we wish you a good learning experience!

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"Screening for Dysphagia" was based upon information from the February 2016 update from Canadian Best Practice Recommendations (search for "dysphagia screening").

These resources are shared for information purposes only, and neither The CRSN nor the Hôpital Montfort can accept responsibility for any implementation that may be undertaken using this information.

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Acknowledgement & Course Creation

The Dépister la Dysphagie / Screening for Dysphagia online course was funded in its entirety by the Champlain Regional Stroke Network and developed by a team from Hôpital Montfort. Many thanks to all involved for their interest and willingness to share their time and talents.

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